In the olden days Christmas used to last 12 days. 12DAYSOFXMAS celebrates that history by trying to bring back a full two week xmas celebration! To achieve this goal, this website can be used by just about everybody to help plan all the days leading up to xmas and beyond.

Our plan is to fill the site with wonderful recipes, gift ideas and decorations you can use to adorn your home over the festive period. Users are free to contribute their own contact via our contact form, though eventually we'll have our own proprietary tips and ideas on how to enjoy the full 12 days of xmas.

We are a UK based site run by xmas lovers and enthusiasts. Founded by sisters Mary and Colleen Nouggat, now their friends Caroline Limerick and Geni Gibbs also help out with their ideas. We run this site in our spare times from our homes in Cheshire. Please feel free to drop us a line even if you just want to say hi!